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Acting on hindsight is wisdom. Acting wise on hindsight is arrogance.


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What is Red Management & Consultancy

Red Management & Consultancy focuses on risk, crisis and disaster management. The people I usually work with are team players or are interested in improving their approach to preparedness and response by working together with other disciplines within and outside their team or organisation. This, according to me, is a prerequisite for dealing with crises and disasters.

Raman has over 17 years of local, national and international experience in risk, crisis and disaster management, whether, in preparedness, planning, response or project management.

He has an extensive network and loves connecting people to others in need of solutions or knowledge.

More info can be found under "who we are" and "why RED".

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What People Are Saying About Raman


I have worked together with Raman in the Works Council from the Safety Region Rotterdam-Rijnmond. Beside his sense of humor Raman to me has left an impression of someone who faces the challenges which come on his path. He has an enormous drive to complete the tasks which he started. For me personally it was a disappointment that Raman decided t leave our organisation, but from his perspective i can completely understand his motivation to accept this new challenge which crossed his path. I wish Raman all the best and i hope we can work together again in the future.

Hans Luijmes

- BRZO-inspecteur (Seveso-III ) bij de afdeling Industriële Veiligheid van de Veiligheidsregio Rotterdam-Rijnmond January 4, 2018, Raman worked with Hans in the same group

Scherp en hardwerkende collega met groot netwerk.

Arjen Littooij

- CEO/algemeen directeur Veiligheidsregio Rotterdam-Rijnmond. Gekozen tot ' beste overheidsorganisatie 2016' January 2, 2018, Raman worked with Arjen in the same group

Raman is a very efficient professional in the field of Crisis Managament. He has vision, drive and excellent networking skills. He has thorough knowledge on various topic with regard to CM, but above all in the medical field. Apart from that he is a nice guy to work with.

Paul Gelton

- Directeur Veiligheidsregio's en Crisisbeheersing January 27, 2016, Paul managed Raman directly

Raman is a leading disaster management expert with good didactic skills.He is able to motivate medical students to look at organisational aspects of health care.

E.F. Beeck

- associate professor at Erasmus Medical Centre June 30, 2013, E.F. was a client of Raman’s

I have worked together with Raman in his project to develop a Victim Tracking Method. Raman is committed to achieving results in time and was dedicated to the real solution. He establishes support for what he believes in with all the different people involved, on all levels and with all skills needed, motivating all disciplines to act together.

Wout Knol

- Beleidsmedewerker / Architect at Brandweer Hollands Midden October 19, 2011, Raman worked with Wout in the same group

During my internship I worked with Raman. Raman has assisted me in an admiring way with my complex project. The personal coaching helped me greatly. I had a very pleasant and educative cooperation with him. Raman is very talented, knowledgeable and supportive.

Rohiet Jakhari

- Risk & Compliance Officer I Data Protection Officer June 21, 2011, Raman worked with Rohiet in the same group

Raman is working on different surveys of risk and crisis management activities. In his work he is using national and international sources and experiences

Sjaak Seen

- Chief Safety and Operations at Safety Region Rotterdam-Rijnmond May 15, 2011, Sjaak worked with Raman in different groups

Raman is an employee with an eagerness to search for new developments in the field of crisismanagement.

Jan van Leeuwen

- Hoofd Afdeling GHOR at Veiligheidsregio Rotterdam Rijnmond July 13, 2009, Jan managed Raman directly

Raman is a very pleasant and dedicated colleague with a lot of knowledge of disastermanagement. I worked with him since 2001 in the same organisation. During incidents he always stays calm and reacts adequate.

Jan Groot

- Manager department of Public Health at GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond July 10, 2009, Jan worked with Raman in different groups

Raman and I worked together as collegues from different organisations in a multidisciplinary planning and pandemic preparedness task group. He was a sound and effective group member and pleasant to work with.

Aimée Tjon-A-Tsien

- Senior consultant infectious diseases and supervisor medical residents and students April 13, 2009, Raman worked with Aimée in the same group.

Raman is as mentioned in the above, a knowledgeable, trustworthy and creative professional. What I like most about Raman is the fact that he has consistency in both his profession as well as character. A very optimistic and cheerful person indeed. 

Nishal Oemrawsingh

- Lecturer @ Wittenborg University April 12, 2009, Nishal was a client of Raman’s